Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Everybody Ready for March- National Kidney Month???

I apologise for no blog for a week or so. I have so much energy I once again have a million projects going at once....my Energizer Bunnyness is BAAAAACKK!!!!! I was really getting angry with myself as I expected to feel like painting the house in a week after being on PD. All my peeps told me give it a month and quit your bitch'in. So last Monday.....the day of my PET test (See prior blog) and 12 new inches of snow...I shoveled for two hours with hubby and was still full of zip before going in at 8:30. I knew I was going to ace that test and YES I DID!!!!

 HOWEVER.....Lets get through the technical stuff and go on to talking about this important month..... With a Peritoneal Dialysis PET test they like to see a transport rate of at least 1.7 mine was 3.4. So I am a medium to fast transporter......my peritoneum removes the wastes quickly ....I do better with shorter dwell times yet I remove fluid  well at the regular intervals. Plus I overfilled my 24 hour urine collection jug. That is a good thing. So I haven't asked Barb to order the CCPD (aka cycler) for doing exchanges automatically at night. I think I will next clinic. I am very comfortable doing the exchanges myself and tweeking and observing my flow times to see if I should add Heparin to clean out the catheter etc.

 Fast transporters must be vigilant to maintain their protein as we generally loose more than the others. As a fast transporter  I like doing the ambulatory exchange with shorter dwell times because I loose less albumin (protein).To estimate your protein intake need on PD take your weight in Kgs multiply by 1.3...my weight hopefully will remain at 125 but I doubt it...I have a difficult time keeping it up there. Presently I should eat about 75 to 80 grams of protein a day.The average adult should eat no more than 50gms a day. I have been a vegetarian most of my life soooooo. I really have a hard time digesting meat. Chicken breast, fish, turkey and  ground sirloin in small portions are okay but no way can I get 80gms in a day. Egg Beaters and Egg Beater Whites are my lifesavers but still you have to eat a ton to get that much protein.. 3 tbls has 5 gms. So thank GOD for protein supplements.

Now I  am not talking about the kind of yucky flavored drink things you see at the stores....I use Beneprotein is an instant protein powder produced by Nestle. No, I don't get any kickbacks from them but now that I think about it?? Wait am I starting to sound like Charlie Sheen???..who I really think is putting on half of this and really is dumb like a fox with a substance abuse problem..but I digress. It is made out of whey protein isolate (attn milk allergies beware) and soy lecithin. A serving of Beneprotein provides 6 g of protein. A 7-g scoop has 25 calories.If I use 10 scoops a day I have 70 gms of protein 250 calories. It is low in phosphorous but still take those binders to keep the dreaded plaque from forming. For people like me that eat to live instead of live to eat this stuff is the bomb. During the day I keep track in my head of how much protein I have..it's not hard normally I eat Egg Beaters, low sodium turkey bacon, baby food meats, applesauce, jello. yada yada yada last night a sub from Jets ....hehehehe. This protein powder has no flavor and dissolves instantly so I pitch it into the food. A PD'er can lose as much as 30gms of protein in a day of exchanges. So mind your protein!!!!

Lets touch a teeny bit on body image. I cleaned my closet out this weekend...8 bags of clothes so long. My hubby has a favorite line he uses on me...just because you can still wear clothes you had in your 20's doesn't mean you should.True, True Daisey Dukes on a 55 year old are NASTY. Now with my new fancy catheter pants, shorts, skirts have to go either below or above. I can't stand anything on  it and I don't want to screw it up. Which is why I am preparing to make many  new clothes.So all those years of working out, Pilate's, running to have that flat stomach..which I had right up to the surgery....well lets just say I have a little tummy....no Winnie the Pooh thing but it's there. You know what??? It is freeing.. that little tummy is keeping me alive plus I don't think that many people are looking at me and if they are it is probably because they are surprised to see me still alive....I have discovered many people believe that if you need a transplant you will be dead soon.......NOT.

In honor of NATIONAL KIDNEY MONTH  I will try and blog more as I want to raise awareness for those who might have CRF and not know it. The National Kidney Foundation's Kidney Early Evaluation Program (KEEP®) offers free screening for those at risk - anyone 18 years and older with high blood pressure, diabetes or a family history of kidney disease. Check the link for one in your area http://www.kidney.org/news/keep/KEEPevents.cfm

I better stop for now. Next blog wiill be about something fun...like maybe seeing the sun for more than one day....I felt like a persson released from a dungeon today...MY EYES!!!! MYEYES!!!! OMG it's the........SUN  half hour latter I found my sunglasses where I left them a couple of months ago...when I wore them last....Don't worry in the summer you will hear me complain about too much sun...but I live in Michigan land of.. if you don't like the weather...wait 5 minutes

Ta Ta for Now
59 days till the Royal Wedding!!!!!!

Bonnie....Ever the Anglophile

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