Wednesday, December 22, 2010

The Ball Is Rollling

Well here it is my first post. Let's be honest. I hid my Renal Failure for years because I have always been the invincible one. I am the girl who popped out 3 babies like a bad Mexican Meal. Longest labor 45 minutes from first to last labor pain..not even an aspirin though I must admit I was watching those drug deals going down in the parking lot with great envy....However Renal patients don't do so well with pain meds and this wasn't about me it was about those three sweet boys the came out so healthy thanks  to God and Dr Boutt. Pop out, take a shower, put my old clothes on and home in 36 hours. I painted our houses, passed 3 cm kidney stones at home and like the Energizer Bunny just kept going.....Denial????/ Ya think???? I did everything my Doc and friend Jerry Dancik told me to do from the minute I spent 5 hours in his office as he grilled me about my life those 21 years ago. Suspecting I was pregnant my old nephro said I had to terminate nooooo I don't think so. So a week later as I sat in the ER at W. Beaumont Royal Oak with a huge renal infection from stone blockage and tears running down my cheeks a beautiful young Asian resident stopped to ask what she could do for me and out I blubbered my story. She pulled a chair up and sat with me and told me she had just finished her Nephrology intership with the best doc she had ever run across. She wrote down his office number and she changed my life. Dr Dancik had the keen acuity and extreme diagnostic ability to define exactly what I had....Renal Tubular Acidosis. No more hypercalmic paralysis, mind numbing cramping etc. It took mnay years to get the stone passing under control.....Thanks to Dr John Harding and all his hard work and Laser ability. I also met one Melanie Istre Smith, Dr Dancik's all round nurse who can do everything and make mountains move. She has been my guardian angel for all these years. So when they said the time had come for PD I never questioned them for one minute. With Christmas coming and the Jennifer's at Gift of Life Michigan agreeing I should blog my experiences to help those who are going down similar roads the most important thing I must do is to thank God for Jerry and Melanie who got me where I am today. And when we wanted to name #3 after Jerry and he told me to give the kid a break...we listened to him then to...and didn't.o))))) No matter where you are in your illness when you feel so so sad look around and count your guardian angels and that crazy rainbow starts to shine. So thats where we are starting. I think I have met a few new angels this week.


  1. Bonnie, I am also on the Michigan Organ donation list (or will be when I complete a stress test)after having End Stage Renal Failure for half my life. I have been on peritoneal dialysis for a couple years and had two transplants; one that lasted a few months and one that has done the job for over twenty years. I am not yet on dialysis this time but will chose peritoneal dialysis when the time comes. I think your idea to share your experience by bloging will be a great benifit to your readers and yourself. I have always found people are eager to hear the details of the hardships that become common place in a renal patient's life...and it always makes me feel good to tell my story and remember just what it was that I have overcome. Good Luck and Stay Stong. Ed

  2. Oh Bonnie, by reading your first post I know and believe you to be a strong woman! Keep your humor and ability to SEE those rainbows and you yourself will be able to move those mountains too! I am a 2x cornea recipient and a single mother who by the skin of my teeth and with2 donor hero's I avoided blindness. My heart and many prayers go out to you. I will look forward to reading about your have rekindled my inspiration today, encouraged me to not only reflect but continue to give back to those who so very selflessly gave to me. God Bless you!!!!