Wednesday, December 22, 2010

My Time on the List: The Ball Is Rollling

My Time on the List: The Ball Is Rollling: "Well here it is my first post. Let's be honest. I hid my Renal Failure for years because I have always been the invincible one. I am the gir..."


  1. Hi Bonnie, I follow the Gift of Life Michigan as my sister passed away in July of Stage 4 Melanoma Cancer and her eyes were donated to wonderful people in Detroit and Flint, and her body is still at the University of Michigan trying to find a cure for cancer..
    I am so interested in helping anyone that I can, so with that being said please let me know how I can find out if I would be a match for a Kidney transplant for you...something just told me to read your blog and now I want to be a help to you and if I cant at least you have another friend to help you through this trying time in your life...You are a very special and extraodinary woman, mother. Keep yourself in good spirits and always know you can always talk to me as a friend or just someone you can chew out on a bad day...Love always your new friend in Georgia and formerly from Pontiac MI.

  2. Oh Debi how kind of you. What a great contribution your family has already made.Let me assure you your sister is being treated with love and care. As a student I taught gross anatomy and was an autopsy ass't to many docs and ME's. My dad was also a prof at UofM in the Dentistry School. Every year there are services for those that donate bodies. As caretakers of those who gave others a chance for a future I can tell you we treat the bodies like beloved babies. I know that is a concern for many family members. I know there is a method for cross-state matches. I am stunned to receive such an amazing offer. None of my family matches as well as they would like. I will look into it but the offer of friendship is just as treasures to me. Do you Facebook???? look up Bonnie Ross Kilberg. I will be watching for you.I will be blogging alot but it would be fun to keep in contact on FB. I really don't have bad days but You can bet if I do you will hear it. Looking forward to FB with you...lots more to come on the blog God Bless You and hold you close