Sunday, January 9, 2011

Two Tube Boogie AKA Peritoneal Access Surgery!!!!

Well, I can hardly believe I was scheduled so fast for the implantation of my peritoneal access. In fact no one else could believe it either!!!!! This Tuesday....yes 1.11.11....and double digits are my lucky numbers especially 11 i.e....April 11th..the royal birthday MINE LOLOLOLOL This is done outpatient. I heal for 4 days and Friday I go to the Troy Beaumont Dialysis Unit and see my Barb and she flushes my lines to help prevent blood clots, change my dressings and check on everything. My BF Jan and I decided while walking that is was just the best thing as I don't have time to ruminate over the whole thing....Jan...I don't know what I would do without her. I have written briefly about her. She lives across the lake from me and we therapeutic walk together either outside or on the track at our beautiful Older Person's Commission facility 6 days a week....even God rests on Sunday. We call it more than walking because the talking is probably even more important...Jan has MS..she is still doing well after all these years but is dealing with increasing yea I basically don't have to explain anything to her.The progression of our illnesses and our hiding them, then giving up on that, are mutually shared on the same time line. She just totally gets everything and like me is brutally honest...which is what I live for...if I am acting like an ass or have the wrong take on something call me on it....feeling crappy makes me a major grouch some days and I have learned the fine art of apology. Everyone reading this who suffers from a chronic illness knows no matter what a fabulous person you are ( Yes Kimora Lee and I have FABULOSITY!!!) there are days when you want to bite the head off a rat...sorry PETA people that is just a euphemism...:o) So the importance of reaching out from our situation and having communication with others is truthfully healing. Listen sickies.....don't buy a ticket on the pity train because you will see yourself get progressively worse. Asian cultures have long known your Chi or mental balance plays an integral part in how you progress in your illness. If you are unable to physically walk....walk with you mind and personal interactions. DO NOT STAGNATE. Jan is my Guardian Angel and I am hers.....Thanks God!!!
Okay so the two tube boogey.....for those looking to learn more about the PD process check back after Tuesday. I will then start to blog more about the particulars so I can take the mystery out of this dance. I also will be learning more about supply deliveries...for PD you get a truck load of your dwelling solution, tubes and supplies about every month,..I have hooked up with Sheila Shaw's Patients Pride and Peggi Speers who helps guide PD patients like myself through the ordering of a miracle band that supports the PD tubes. I will write extensively about this when I can order mine....have to have the tubes in to measure correctly to have them made....All this helps to keep your sites less stressed and clean,....Sam's old bedroom is going to be my PD room for the month I have to do exchanges 4 times a day....clean, no animal hair and storage of all my tools. A corner of the walkout has been designated for storage of the gazillion boxes of IV bags....Planning for me is cathartic...I feel in control. Dr. Dancik sure knows his patient. He told me I would love this because I was the boss. The main worry with PD is sepsis and keeping infection at bay. If not you wind up with peritonitis and on hemodialysis. Soooooo can you say HAND STERILIZER by the gallon and 3 times a day vacuuming any dog hair. NOW some people will say you have to get rid of your pets....Nooooo. You have to be careful while doing exchanges to keep them away from you...and to keep fur cleaned up which we do anyway. My pets help me to live a sane life....
Okay that's what going on for now...gotta get the 2 youngest boys packed up and sent back to school to do that thing they do so well. Oldest son Dan wants to sit with his dad during the surgery.....says he can work from surgical center. Gotta love him. We'll see. I don't like to interrupt their's not like this is my then there will be a huge partayyyyyyy!!!!!!! I believe I hear the word BURDEN coming to mind...Unless there is a major affair occurring I prefer to let life go on unimpeded. However you have to consider what makes your children (and at 25 they are still children) most comfortablele and secure. So we will talk...the very best thing you can do.
Also I start my PD training Jan 24th...a week of day long training on doing my exchanges....thank God for my medical training....However doing it on yourself is a whole different ballgame so I am going to be the STAR pupil....don't ever want to piss my medical people off..hehehehehe. I will also continue my discourse on friends. I am trying how to delicately write about a baffling failure in a lifelong friendship. It hasn't upset me at all just disappointed me...BUT I have so many amazingly wonderful things happening in my life already 2011 is 100X better than 2010....what could they be???????? stay tuned Power Rangers
TTY after the Two Tube Boogie

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