Monday, January 3, 2011

Your Eyes Don't Really Tell You Much

Gosh, I have a lot of things that have been running through my mind. Like why is our society such a visual one???? For those who don't know our youngest dog and I had a major accidental head butt and I got basically knocked out AND a lemon size bump on my noggin, swollen almost shut left eye and double black eyes..I still have one slightly black eye and a golf ball bump. I also was still limping from the pseudo gout in my left foot ( this comes from a build up of phosphorus in the same joints as gout sets in.....a clear indication my renal function is shot when the binders can't pull PH enough out). Soo when I used my handicap sign to park no one ever said anything...Now, I seldom use it but lately I know how tired I will be coming out of the store so I have pocketed my pride and used my brain and used the darn thing. People in stores were so sympathetic when I was banged up yada yada yada.....Okay flashback a few months to when I really was feeling like crap and used it. I looked perfectly fact I looked beautiful thanks to years working as a model and learning the fine art of hair and makeup....God bless Revlon. Let me assure you I am not. I had 2 people make nasty ass remarks as I went into the store....excuse me if this bothers you so much why not call call the police????? Who made you the handicap spot God????? A friend of mine had a quadruple bypass and had the same thing happen...he ripped open his shirt and displayed a 14 inch scar to the offenders...awesome!!!! However I have boobs so I think when I get my PD access if I do that I could wind up in jail for indecent exposure. My point is we need to look deeper at people and actually use the brains God gave us before opening our mouths. When this happens I feel it is my duty to explain renal disease to these uneducated people...and I see their eyes glaze over. I finish by asking them if they are registered organ donors which sends most of them packing. However I am pretty sure they won't harass a handicap parker with a permit anymore. Having this disease has made me realize that when I look at a person I really don't learn a darn thing  about them. The outside is just packaging..or advertisement..or how they want the world to think they are. How does this relate to the friend issue???? That will be clear in my next blog...Would your friends have chosen you as a friend if you had a flaw they didn't know you have???? What happens when they realize you could die on them or you will be walking a razor tipped wall for a they stick like glue or back off???This whole visual approval thing comes into renal disease has made me so much wiser. It also has educated about the way the world works...not at all how I thought.Most importantly it has made me realize I am not an as astute judge of character as I thought I was. True Colors show when the chips are my friend blog will have a little sadness and disappointment and a ton of ...Wow people are amazing and good and have thrown out so many hands to grab I am dazed. People I just never ever thought of.....

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